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Credit: Wendy Carlson

Credit: Jordan Bucey

Credit: Laura Heywood

Credit: Kristen Diorio

PRESS! (June 5, 2008)
“As often happens in these one-act festivals, a shining diamond emerges towards the end of the evening with Micah Bucey and Nicholas Williams’s The Gay Agenda, which is a hilarious parody of a Disney movie musical. The conceit is that Bucey and Williams are struggling songwriters who have “sold out” by agreeing to write a movie musical for Disney about a young gay man seducing a confused lad in a bar. In truth, the framing device is hardly necessary as Bucey and Williams’s music and performances are so compelling and hilarious I would happily watch them under any circumstances. These are two crackerjack performers who have written some incredible songs, and I look forward to anything they do in the future.”

The Gay Agenda featured on City Scoops!

The Gay Agenda interviewed on Homo-Neurotic!

The Gay Agenda featured in The Berkshire Eagle!

The Gay Agenda featured on!

The Gay Agenda in The New York Times!

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  1. Laura

    Hot photo!! 🙂

  2. i just saw you on tv God Belss i belive in you .p EACE OUT nEW mEXICO


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