Visit our YouTube channel to check out our music videos!!!

AND, our Facebook Fanpage has a few tracks from our demo!!! Become a fan??

ALSO, listen to some hot tracks on our MySpace page and become our MySpace friends!

3 responses to “Sounds!

  1. Seriously, this is some of the funniest shit I’ve ever read or listened to in a long time. You boys make me smile happy fag hag rainbow smiles, and you are totally getting listed on my blog (feel special, damnit)

    You rock, rock.

  2. You guys are freaking awesome, absolutely amazing. I’m inspired to go out and sing (even though I can’t very well). Keep up the good work, you’re stuff is amazing!!!

  3. Nathan

    Holy Mother of Venus I love these songs! I’ve only ever laughed this hard when I watch Monty Python skits… this might even be better! All I can suggest is more, more, MORE. If only I lived in the US (or NY for that matter) I’d come see you perform live. When are you touring Canada? ;P

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